Become a Geisha

So you are interested in becoming a Geisha, willing to work hard for it and not looking only for a high class lifestyle and lots of money? Then you should listen carefully!

We recrute and mentor young Geishas in Madrid, Santiago de Chile and now in Lima. However, we don’t take everyone and only think a mentorship makes sense if you are willing to work hard and if serving men is in your true nature.



Let me describe the ideal Geisha beginner so that you get an idea what we are looking for:

-Between 18 and 26 years old

-Aiming for a post-bachelor degree

-natural beauty

-No visible tattoos or piercings

-Is okay to go on the first date free of charge with a gentleman

-going out with Gentlemen only part time to finance her studyings or looking for an extra income

-fresh to the industry (as less she know as better it is)

-positive and warm connection with the world

-good relationship with her family

-authenticity and charm


What we are not looking for:

-Over-weight or not in shape body

-Visible tattoos or piercings (perhaps you think it doesn’t matter, but it does matter to our gentlemen)

-Only interested in money

-a girl who worked as a prostitute

-depressive girls with family issues

-unhealthy people

-asking for money before giving something to our project


How to apply:

Send us an e-mail to with 3 pictures, a few sentences about yourself and why you want to become a Geisha.

If we are interested we will meet you for a coffee in Lima, Santiago de Chile or Madrid and go from there.



Q1: I’m not sure if I’m beauty enough

A1: Send us a picture and we let you know if you meet the requirements

Q2: Do I have to sleep with the gentleman?

A2: We don’t force you but in our experience the gentleman looses his interested if there is no intimate contact

Q3: Can I speak with a person?

A3: Sure, first you have to send an application and then one of us will meet you in a nearby coffee shop for a friendly conversation.

Q4: How much can I earn?

A4: Depends on how much value you can give. Everything between 100 USD and 6000 USD a night is possible.

Q5: How is your coaching program structured?

A5: Get in touch with us and we will send you additional information after an initial phone call.

Q6: How is my safty guaranteed?

A6: Safety is very important for us. That’s why we do a screening of all gentlemen that want to work with us and they have to verify with their real name through a payment processor. All dates start at public places like high class restaurants, bars or social events.

Q7: What should I do if there is no connection between the gentlemen and me?

A7: Tell him friendly, but very direct, that you don’t feel a connection and leave the date. It didn’t happen so far through our advanced screening processes but in case it happens, we prepare you in our coaching sessions for this situation.

Q8: I have a boyfriend.

A8: We don’t believe that you are emotionally free to meet a gentleman and ask you friendly to NOT contact us

Q9: I don’t have fancy dresses or jewelery

A9: That is totally fine, we will teach you how to dress authentic without spending a lot of money. Beauty comes from inside.

Q10: I grew up in a poor family and don’t know much about upperclass behavior

A10: We will teach you, but you will have to work harder than others

Q11: How long until I get my first date?

A11: Depends on you. Between 1 and 8 weeks.

Q12: How do you finance your project?

A12: We collect the payment of the first date. Contact us for more information.

Q13: How do I get pictures?

A13: We work with photographers in Madrid and Lima who know what to do.