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Probably you already had some bad experiences with paid dating and perhaps even paid sex. You payed a few bucks to a girl and were the 12th guy on the day. While you focus on forgetting this fact, you were in a shitty hotel room with a girl who tells you that kissing isn’t included and you have to pay 30$ more for this “experience”. After a few fake “Oh Oh”s you hear the magical “time is over” and finally leave a terrible broken person with a bad feeling and asking yourself “Why in the hell did you do that?”.

If you are located in Chile and Peru, probably the model girl you hoped to see got replaced by a middle-aged girl who loves to eat and who wants to exchange some (negative) energy for your food-money. You, unable to give up the fantasies you built through the day, accepted and regretted it so much afterwards.

Sorry, but I have to tell you: Paid sex is broken. It’s broken by unprofessional ladies, drugs, criminality and the simple fact that no-one in the world can have sex 12 times a day.


If you agree, you are at the right place because Geisha Academy is different!

You can meet one of us for a small financial help in our education and for supporting our project. However, if you just want to have quick sex and an emotional connection isn’t important for you, this is NOT for you!

All of our Geishas are warm and positive girls who love to fulfill your desires and support you on your journey called life.

A geisha must be genuinely fresh, warm-hearted, drug-free, well educated, authentic, healthy and extremely personable – the absolute minimum a Geisha would bring to any social engagement, in any case.

Ivy-league academics, natural intelligence, reliability and charm are standard requirements, along with classic natural beauty, self-care, fitness and a pure, loving soul. We are fresh, positive energy ladies and all of us (except me) are new to the professional companion industry. A geisha must of course be accustomed to high society settings, and well versed in proper manners, eloquence and social etiquette; it’s quite clear if she’s not. Whether she provides a wonderful girlfriend-experience dinner date, a more intense conversational connection, or a travel companion presence, she must be elite in every way. Not elitist, too serious or haughty, just Quality. Breeding is not easy to fake. 🙂

Most of us are pursuing their post graduate university degrees, or who pursue a full time professional career, be it modelling, management, writing, acting, some personal business pursuit etc. My ideal student is never focused solely on her income, and definitely not a full time traditional escort available for lots of brief meaningless encounters which slowly destroy the soul. Requesting a suitable compensation for her time and proficiency as an attentive courtesan companion, is very different to expecting the royal treatment with a prima donna attitude. If money is the Geishas first priority, she has missed the point and is not suited to our environment or clientele.

I am extremely selective, in regards to the ladies we accept (as well as our gentleman callers). Our exclusive company is not for everyone, and we’re not interested in a maximum turnover. Our expectations for our Geishas is tasteful, stylish presentation are exacting, and our selection process is stringent. Our genuinely careful selection and instruction of potential model escorts, ensures our standards are comprehensively maintained, within human capability. With our hands-on approach, you can be reassured of superb quality every time.

Our ideal gentleman knows exactly the level of quality and security a well bred, accomplished woman brings to the companion experience. He also knows this cannot be built in a brief moment. He is enticed and fascinated by the idea of an extended connection built over a proper date, or a long term girlfriend, built over many dates, with no commitments, attachments or expectations.

Regarding our callers, we expect a considerate, well groomed and respectful approach. Less appealing is the gentleman who gossips online, who is lax in his hygiene and personal safety, and who pursues ‘good deals’ as opposed to high value. This kind of person is incapable of appreciating all that our exquisite Geishas have to offer.

We guarantee you will not be embarrassed or disappointed – and if you ever were, we would be mortified and expect to hear about it! Our Geisha codex prioritizes discretion and confidentiality, security, luxury, mutual enjoyment and honest exchanges.

Again, we are not in business to gain the maximum amount of clients, nor to accept every caller’s booking. We carefully select our gentlemen as well as our beautiful women, to maintain the positive energy of our community for everyone involved. We bring quality people together for mutually enjoyable experiences. You can even organize an exclusive relationship arrangement, if you require a temporal girlfriend for any reason. Literally hiring a girlfriend. Or indeed if you both feel some deep soul connection, and want to pursue a ‘test relationship’ for a few months, the arrangement prevents any resentful feelings if things don’t work out.


While we do require notice, if we’re unable to assist you with a suitable match for your booking, we’ll let you know; We’ll never arrange an introduction with ‘whomever is available’, like a typical escort agency would do. Again: We would NEVER connect you with a girl other than the one you have chosen. This is unique in Latin America. Honesty is our policy when arranging appointments, and we would prefer you to call another time and enjoy the experience you were intending to have, as opposed to tolerating a mediocre or unsatisfactory date with someone with whom you have nothing in common. If a gentleman calls with little notice and insists on meeting someone, this guarantee is no longer in place. We expect gentlemen to respect themselves enough to take time to arrange a proper date; One can’t rush things and expect excellence, in any situation in life.


We like to build long-term relationships with our lovely clients, based on trust. And that requires operating with integrity and staying true to our values – something we take very seriously. We understand that the effort an elite international escort puts into her presentation and conduct for a date, as well as her investment in herself in terms of overall quality and grooming, deserves a suitable fee for her time. She could be anywhere, but has decided to make herself available to meet with you. Everyone knows that quality items bear a luxury price, and one ideally receives what one pays for… However we do not agree that cost is the main focus of any exchange.


What is different with us:

  • No sex within the first 60 minutes
  • Dates start in nice restaurants / cafes / bars or social events
  • You can only book a 4-hour date. No quick sex dates.
  • Girls have strong limits in dates they can have in a month
  • Our codex prohibits our Geishas to have boyfriends in order to be emotionally open and not getting tired of sex or emotional connections


Our core values are:

  • serving men
  • being warm and positive
  • integrity with our values, sexuality and beliefs
  • deep respect for our community and ourselves
  • education in fields of history, society, arts and music
  • staying healthy fisically and mentally
  • 100% discreet




Marisa gave me what I was missing the last 20 years. I felt so secure like never before and could open up. I’m deeply grateful for this experience.


Alisa was a real elegant lady with a good sense of humor. She made me laugh, and I felt like on a first date in my teenager years.


Aurelia built something meaningful and I hope you will teach hundred of women how to treat men. I booked a flight for Alisa to my city and could present her to my local friends and business partners. She always made sure that I was in the right light and I felt extremely confident with her on my side. My business partners got a little bit jaleous while she stayed only focused on myself.


Susana was pretty shy at the first moment. She told me it was her third date and that she felt a little bit insecure. After our dinner however, she opened up, told me some good jokes and stories about her childhood and we laughed for hours. The sex with her was amazing, I will really miss her.

I came 3 times the night what didn’t happened since 30 years and 2 ex-wifes. Paola was amazing and gave me my youth back for one night. I really looking forward for our third date.


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Madrid: Noelia, Leticia, Leonor, Iris, Noa, Cloe, Alma

New York: Aurelia Cotta



Q1: Is Sex included in the date?

A1: Out of legal reasons, we cannot guarantee that sex is included. However, if a girl feels uncomfortable having sex with a gentleman, we give you a full refund.

Q2: Which place should I take the girl to?

A2: A public restaurant, cafe, bar or social event

Q3: Is the girl punctual?

A3: Unfortunately delays can always happen. For this reason the girl will send you a link to her Uber ride where you can see exactly when she is in the car and when she will arrive. She will wait on the table for you. If you are a foreigner, I would like to tell you that punctuality isn’t taken seriously in Latin America.

Q4: Can you give me a cheaper price for the first date?

A4: No, our ladies work really hard and have earned this recompensation.

Q5: What should I do if I don’t like the girl?

A5: You can tell her during the first 60 minutes and get a full-refund

Q6: Can I do any drugs with the girl?

A6: No, drugs would destroy the ability of a deep connection and bring in negative energy. Alcohol, especially red-wine, is welcome.

Q7: Can I see pictures without face-blurring of the girls?

A7: After your first date, you can request pictures without face-blurring of every girl.

Q8: I need a Geisha for an event

A8: That’s 100% fine, all of our girls are presentable in public. Please let us know details of the event, so that we can prepare our Geisha and advice her the right dress code.

Q9: I need a date URGENTLY

A9: Then better call us NOW and we will tell you how fast we can organize it

Q10: Are you discreet?

A10: Yes, all of our community members and staff signed an Non-disclosure-agreement. I guarantee that your data isn’t shared with any third parties.

Q11: Where do I find feedback of our girls?

A11: Well, we don’t encourage our clients to post in forums or rate the ass of our Geishas on a scale of 1-10. A gentleman doesn’t tell. But we do receive an enormous amount of positive and grateful feedback, some of which is on our feedback page.



How to book a date:

  1. Contact us by phone or e-mail
  2. Tell us who you want to meet and when
  3. Tell us a phone number where we can get in touch with you
  4. We confirm the date or offer you an alternative
  5. You make the recompensation payment by credit card
  6. On the day of the date we confirm it a second time
  7. You meet with the girl in a public place (restaurant, cafe, bar,…)

Contact us at or by phone to PERUVIAN-NUMBER and say “Hola” to us.