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Book early

All of our geishas are very busy with persuing their career or studying hard in the university. So please make the appointment in advance or contact us to find out if there is availability.


How to choose a Geisha?

We can help you with that! However, it would be nice if you could take a look at the profiles of our geishas to see which one suites you. If you are looking for something special, please let us know, so we can help you to choose the appropiate Geisha for your needs.



How does our rating system works?

After the date you have to rate the performance of your geisha on a scale from 1-10. Girls who receive bad ratings, either have to lower their pricing or have to leave our program. In the rare case of ending a date early because of a lack of connection, the geisha gets a bad rating. We do this in order to keep our geisha team exclusive and to provide you the best customer experience.


Where should I meet my date?

It should be a cafe, restaurant or private apartment.


How to contact us?

Skype: hola@geisha.academy
Email: hola@geisha.academy
Whatsapp: +51 960 695 625
Chat support: Take a look at the bottom right of your browser to send us a chat message.

Please always leave us a phone number to get in touch with you.






Diana, Zoé, Patricia, Mila, Leia, Adele, Laura, Ani, Celine, Zarina, Alice, Arielle.


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